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Tax Problem Solutions More often than not, complex tax problems are unanticipated; not to mention, they are almost always without clarification or simple answers. The support of a competent tax professional can help you with feasible tax solutions, which could be your first step towards the best possible outcome. If you are seeking feasible, practical […]

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Are You Facing One of The Following Tax Problems? Tax Audit Tax Arrears Problems Unreported Income Back Tax Demand to File Overdue Tax Debts CRA Tax Relief Late Tax Payroll Tax Arrears Unfair Income Garnishment Tax Reassessment Canadian Tax Relief CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Taxpayer Relief Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP Tax Amnesty or Tax […]


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Professional tax representation is the best tool to combat CRA Agents The Canada Revenue Agency’s (short for CRA) agents can sometimes be very demanding and intimidating, especially while dealing directly with the tax payers. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are the reason behind the sleepless nights of many […]